Amazon finally reveals date it will break millions of older Kindles

Amazon will block millions of Kindle owners from accessing the Kindle Store directly from their ereaders on August 17, 2022. Starting from that date, Kindle owners will need to buy books to read on their Kindle from a different device, like a smartphone or tablet. To continue purchasing new ebooks from the Kindle itself, owners will need to upgrade to a newer model.

The second-generation Kindle released in 2009 and the fifth generation ereader, launched back in 2012, are two popular models that will be impacted by the impending block.

The full list is as follows…

Kindle (second generation) International

Kindle DX International

Kindle Keyboard

Kindle (fourth generation)

Kindle (fifth generation)

These prices are for the version with ads, and as an added bonus you can pick up both the Kindle front light model and Kindle Paperwhite at the reduced price with three months worth of Kindle Unlimited for free.

Alternatively, you can opt for an entirely different brand of ereader with Kobo the clear cut option for someone looking for something entirely different.

The entry-level Kobo ereaders are more expensive than Amazon’s cheapest offering but there are some benefit to choosing it over a Kindle.

Unlike Amazon’s range of ereaders, none of the Kobo devices feature adverts on it. While with a Kobo you’re not limited one specific storefront to purchase your ebooks, with the Rakuten made devices supporting a range of file formats including the widely used epub.

Amazon has not revealed the exact reason why these Kindle devices will no longer be able to access the official Kindle Store.

But the Good e-Reader website has theorised it could be due to the ageing hardware and software of these Kindle devices, which impacts whether these e-readers are able to obtain necessary permissions to make store purchases.

And this crucial issue can’t be resolved with a simple software update, which is why the feature is being removed entirely.

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