Google Play Retailer warning: Android customers should keep away from pretend PS4, PS3 apps

One of many apps is described as a ‘PlayStation 3 simulator’, and if you happen to’re searching for an emulator you could assume that is one and the identical factor.

Nonetheless, this app does simply need it says on the tin – simulating a PS3-style interface which does not do something.

Different apps are extra deceptive, with one Play Retailer programme describing itself as an emulator for PS3 and PS4.

Nonetheless, proper on the backside of the app’s Play Retailer description there is a ‘disclaimer’ which says the app is “not an actual emulator” and is “simply so that you can be kidding your mates.”

So, the app is actually nugatory.

Whereas these apps do not pose a safety menace, there may be the likelihood a foul actor may seize the demand for PS3 and PS4 emulators on Android to launch a pretend app loaded with malware.

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