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Posted Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 01:48pm EDT

Hello Mates,

Choosing a battle with Russia proper now could be silly. That’s precisely what’s going on in Syria at the moment. In prophecy the Bear of Daniel 7 is an finish of day’s beast that turns into lethal. I discovered it fascinating after I heard that America, the UK and Israel had been gathering oil from Syria with out approval. Much more fascinating that Russia informed all three nations to cease. Phrases weren’t headed, so Russia blew up the oil shelling out tools. Proper now this situation is escalating to the purpose of army involvement.

The lineup of nations concerned on this dispute has prophetic significance. In an earlier article the thought was offered that the beasts of Daniel 7 are the present nations on the UN Safety council. The lion with eagle’s wings might simply be a consultant allegory of the US and the UK with the Bear being Russia. One thing unhealthy appears to occur to the lion with eagle’s wings.  In a single translator’s feedback he explains that what’s being stated in regards to the lion implies that it will get lifted from the earth. In different bible passages the time period “lifted from the earth” is used to say one thing died. The wording that it’s eagle’s wings get plucked off sounds uncomfortable as nicely.

Now to the Bear, if Russia is certainly this finish time’s
kingdom, it is extremely energetic. The bear is informed to come up and devour a lot flesh. It
additionally has three ribs in its mouth as if it has eaten three issues. So, the
battle in Syria may be very fascinating at this specific time in historical past. There
is a really strong likelihood we’re smack dab in the midst of Bible prophecy. It’s
a really unhealthy time to poke the Bear. If we’re in prophecy and that oil battle
in Syria turns into open battle, then I do know who’s going to stroll away with
the prize from that battle. It won’t be the lion.

This leaves Israel’s function ultimately time’s recreation. There are
two locations that instantly focus on Israel on this zone of time. Matthew 24
expressly says that in case you are in Judea and see Jerusalem surrounded that you just
mustn’t go within the metropolis and actually it is best to go flee away.  The opposite piece of knowledge is present in
Revelation 11, it says that the holy metropolis could be trodden underfoot for forty
two months. That’s precisely the period of time that the Anti-Christ will get to
keep in energy till Jesus throws him within the lake of fireside on the Battle of Armageddon.

Present occasions are lining up very apparently in mild of finish time’s prophecy. The Syrian oil battle might open the door for prophecy fulfilment. I have to say that I actually want we might simply go away Russia alone. Getting plucked off of one thing sounds very painful. I can’t await Jesus to return get us out of this place. I really like all of the goodness God has given us, however it’s actually being delivered to sorrow by the actions of the destroyer. It makes my coronary heart damage.

God’s blessings to you.

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