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Globalist God Complicated
Science, when utilized in conjunction and steadiness with nature, generally is a fantastic and great tool. Practically all of our understanding in regards to the universe, the human physique and the character of actuality – to call a few- will be attributed to some type of scientific endeavor, which definitely speaks to the benevolence inherent in such practices. Nonetheless, when seen as omniscient and employed far past what the parameters of the pure order permit, nice ‘God’ science can grow to be a rogue ingredient – which if left unchecked will undoubtedly be utilized by the ‘one world’ practitioners of malevolence to enslave humanity and to in the end destroy the great thing about pure creation altogether. Certainly, we’re seeing this immediately on an ever-increasing scale.

On this article I’m going to deal with the tech-no-logical and chemical onslaught that’s being waged within the title of ‘science’ and towards humanity, by numerous company establishments which have a vested curiosity in making a sick, docile, and subservient inhabitants which is able to in the end be rendered incapable of resisting the globalist plans of totalitarian hegemony until the present traits promptly stop. Beneath are only a few of the ever-increasing mediums by which they function within the hopes of attaining these draconian ends.

The one protected vaccine is one that’s by no means used’ – Dr. James R. Shannon

From virtually the minute {that a} new child youngster comes into this world they’re compelled to endure an absolute onslaught of toxicity within the type of inoculations. Infants at the moment are given a staggering 25 vaccinations-and-growing – by the age of two. In lots of instances this apply of medical insanity will proceed on unabated effectively into maturity with little to no consideration of what’s truly being injected into the physique. Many of those ‘immunity boosters’ include – amongst different refuse – mercury, formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells, animal tissues and aluminum. It’s unsettling to think about what results such malignant cocktails can have on younger, undeveloped immune techniques, and much more unsettling to confront the truth that it’s almost definitely this fashion by design. It’s an unlucky truism that there is no such thing as a cash in maintaining us wholesome and a sick inhabitants ensures lifetimes of large earnings realized by these exact same pharmaceutical firms that introduce us to their poisons virtually instantly after beginning.

What can be unsettling is the dictatorial try and make this scientific imposition obligatory and thus eradicate any semblance of freedom we now have left. Already in components of the nation we’re seeing vaccinations as a obligatory prerequisite for youngsters attending college and for employment alternatives at sure jobs. When a human being can not select what will get injected into his or her personal physique, or that of their youngsters, then it’s clear that removed from being sovereign residents of a free nation we’re, extra precisely, prisoners in a brutal and cruel police state by which unalienable rights are deep sixed and grow to be relegated to the recordsdata of antiquity. No quantity of huge pharma-funded propaganda ought to make us consider in any other case.

It needs to be extraordinarily regarding to those who the heads of lots of the organizations pushing for mass vaccinations are on report as being staunch supporters of enormous scale inhabitants discount. The Invoice and Melinda Gates basis is one obvious instance of this whereby Invoice Gates has many occasions reaffirmed his perception publicly that the human inhabitants must be decreased by billions and that this may be achieved utilizing vaccines. Gates’ father was a eugenicist who was the top of Deliberate Parenthood and it stands to motive that li’l Billy is merely persevering with his father’s work within the silent killing fields, which will surely start to elucidate his large shareholdings in Monsanto, one other canker on the welfare of this earth.

Misplaced in all of that is the truth that we have been all endowed with a vastly superior organic inoculation often called the immune system and if allowed to develop and prosper unmolested by steady chemical undermining we might almost definitely be a a lot more healthy, happier folks. Any try and ‘improve’ our organic kind by science is an try at man enjoying God and over stepping his place within the divine plan of nature. Such misguided considering has its roots within the Kabbalah, an influential guide of Jewish mysticism which espouses the concept that God created an imperfect world and that it’s as much as the mind of man to good it. A extra overtly self-aggrandizing philosophy can be troublesome to conceive nevertheless it does go a great distance in direction of explaining the globalist want to manage the climate.

‘For greater than a decade, the US and Canada’s residents have been subjected to a 24/7/365-day aerosol assault over our heads made from a poisonous brew of toxic heavy metals, chemical substances, and different harmful components.’ -Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

One other instance of science run amok and the worldwide elite vastly over stepping the bounds of nature and thus the steadiness obligatory to keep up pure prosperity is their barely hid makes an attempt to manage the climate and modify the environment. One want solely to crane their neck barely lately to note the close to fixed spraying of chemical substances excessive up within the environment which linger round all day ultimately dissipating right into a hazy smog which blankets our skies. The substance that’s being sprayed has been analyzed by quite a few scientists and has been discovered to include poisonous heavy metals together with barium, strontium and shock, shock… giant portions of aluminum. Many have related the spraying of ‘chemtrails’ to the deforestation we’re seeing in California and world wide, in addition to to unusual ailments similar to Morgellons.

Snow samples examined from Mount Shasta, California confirmed aluminum ranges of 61,000 components per billion (ppb) in contrast with a standard pattern which needs to be roughly 7 ppb. Aluminum is a major reason for many mind functioning problems that we’re seeing enhance virtually by the day and the spraying of chemtrails seems to be a part of a a lot larger plan to not solely poison the ecosystems under however to manage the climate as effectively together with applied sciences similar to HAARP. Affliction of this magnitude upon the earth and the individuals who inhabit it should definitely have ruinous penalties.

The negligent overstep of making an attempt to play God by modifying the environment, what is named ‘geo-engineering’, has been largely denied in earlier years by the mendacious traitors residing inside authorities and media regardless of the plain provability of it going down proper above our heads. In newer occasions nonetheless, it has begun to be admitted to and ‘ justified’ by some in positions of affect as obligatory to fight that insipid boogeyman ‘international warming.’ Properly, a professional ‘good attempt’ is so as but when it actually have been such a benevolent, earth- saving endeavor then why all of the subterfuge? Why not come out with it overtly and transparently from the beginning? This relatively lame excuse is in fact negated by the truth that human triggered international warming is on a par of believability roughly equal to the existence of Santa Claus and is definitely disproved by the huge quantities of scientific proof and information which have been gathered and compiled in recent times.

It is very important keep in mind that the parable of human triggered ‘local weather change’ is being offered for our consumption by the very cabal of criminally insane liars whose factories, fracking, GMO’s, depleted uranium and all the remaining are TRULY destroying our world.

GMO’s                                                                                                                                                                                         You can not insert a gene you took from a micro organism and name it life. You haven’t created life, as an alternative you could have polluted it’- Vandana Shiva

The insatiable globalist want to override the restrictions positioned upon man and to irreparably tamper with biology is delivered to heightened ranges of madness after we start to contemplate the just about inconceivable topic of genetically modified organisms.

How audacious and bereft of soul these psychopaths are to suppose that they’ll genetically alter vegetation, animals, and consequently the people which subsist on them, in such a manner that it fits their agenda for revenue and management. GMO’s are created by inserting a gene from an unrelated species into the cells of a plant or an animal to provide sure traits throughout the organism that may in any other case not happen naturally. This unbelievably nefarious apply betrays a whole disregard for the pure world on the a part of the satanic company elites, and the ramifications for such encroachment are starting to be seen in numerous methods starting from meals allergy symptoms, sterility, and autism, to toddler mortality, coronary heart illness and in the end the ‘rewiring’ of human genetics altogether.

The deeply sinister Monsanto biotech company has nearly taken management of this nation’s agriculture manufacturing and one has to marvel the way it got here to be {that a} chemical firm who launched the world to such carcinogenic mayhem as Agent Orange, DDT, and Dioxin (to not point out their manufacturing of rBGH, Aspartame and PCB’s), has now taken close to full management of manufacturing this nation’s meals. Certainly their horrendous monitor report within the fields of human development needs to be sufficient to enrage the populace into organized motion towards them on a scale not seen earlier than in identified human historical past. This may occasionally very effectively be the case if the highly effective foyer teams which symbolize these felony cabals didn’t work so feverishly to make sure that little or no dangerous publicity makes it into their tightly managed mainstream press.

Contemplating the truth that GMO’s are fairly clearly one other potent weapon within the arsenal of the inhabitants discount crowd it comes as no shock to seek out that Invoice Gates is on the entrance traces of selling this agenda and owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto inventory. Apparently, these vile reprobates who declare dominion over us really feel they’re entitled to determine who lives and who dies as effectively. Such adversaries of man and God deserve at least everlasting damnation.

‘I say this with all of the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent 20 years’ analysis into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine…Any one who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a interval of 1 12 months or extra won’t ever once more be the identical particular person, mentally or bodily’ – Charles Eliot Perkins

The quantity of aluminum that we’re subjected to in our on a regular basis lives ought to elevate some critical questions. This ubiquitous toxin is now included in toothpaste, child formulation, cookware, deodorants, consuming water, childhood vaccinations and lots of different on a regular basis gadgets. The hyperlinks between aluminum and reminiscence associated ailments similar to dementia and Alzheimer’s are extraordinarily robust, as are the hyperlinks between aluminum and lots of cancers. It’s on that foundation that we now think about the aluminum poisoning of municipal water provides by way of mass fluoridation.

Fluoride: ‘Any binary compound of fluorine’
Fluorine: ‘A toxic pale yellow gaseous ingredient of the halogen group’
How is it that right here in America we’re unwilfully and in lots of instances unknowingly inoculated with this toxic toxin?

The computer virus technique by which fluoride grew to become accredited as an additive for city water provides shows fairly clearly the revolving door between massive enterprise and authorities that’s in fixed use to realize approval for in any other case unconscionable selections which additional the globalist agenda for human enslavement. Disposing of aluminum waste (fluoride) was extraordinarily inconvenient and expensive for the Aluminum Firm of America (ALCOA) up till 1946. That was the 12 months that Oscar Ewing, a Wall Avenue lawyer and counsel to ALCOA, was appointed by President Truman to go the Federal Safety Company which put him accountable for the U.S Public Well being Service. From that time on, and with a extremely positioned consultant of ALCOA overseeing the Well being Division, the parable that fluoride helps cease tooth decay has been thrust onto the general public and offered relentlessly by a complicit media. Subsequently, fluoride has been added into water provides and toothpaste a lot to the delight of the aluminum business and the Corporatocracy who management it – and to the detriment of the unwitting inhabitants at giant. Fluoride is a poisonous by-product of the aluminum business and it’s a key element in rat and roach poisons, psychiatric medicine and navy nerve fuel to call a number of. It has been banned by many European nations but continues to poison People of all ages with out their knowledgeable consent right here within the ‘land of the free’. Does anyone nonetheless consider that this junk is there to provide a nation of nice smiles?

Synthetic Intelligence
Few examples illustrate the globalist want to play God higher than the horrifying phenomena of Synthetic Intelligence. The concept of animating lifeless matter right into a semi life-like state of being has been round for hundreds of years. In Jewish mysticism, these half- dwelling zombified monstrosities are often called Golem. In line with the Jewish Kabbalah, Golem are created for the needs of inflicting vengeance upon these whom its creator has focused for smiting. With this in thoughts it isn’t too giant of a leap for some to see parallels between these Judaic legends of yore and the more and more clever killing machines being developed by DARPA, Google, Raytheon and others within the ‘protection’ business.

Already, A.I. hucksters like Fb’s Mark Zuckerberg are casting synthetic intelligence as some uniquely helpful step on the ever-enlightening path of so-called human evolution, even going as far as to denounce those that have reservations about this new artificially clever techno-nightmare as being ‘Fairly irresponsible’ and ‘damaging.’ These inconsiderate aspersions apart, many conscientious individuals are starting to marvel if maybe A.I may not, in reality, be a step in direction of a technologically managed hell on earth.

Lately, Russian President Vladimir Putin envisioned a new period of warfare by which A.I might reign supreme…’Wars might finish when all of the drones on one facet are destroyed by the drones on the opposite facet.’ The navy, in collusion with DARPA, Google and others are already growing extremely subtle and weaponized A.I bots that might be incapable of reasoning but programmed to kill.

The true relationship between these hi-tech builders of environment friendly homicide machines, who pose as being establishments devoted in direction of serving the general public, is greatest illustrated by Regina Dugan who’s the previous director of DARPA who then went on to take an govt place at Google and is now working for Fb. Woah. Fairly a number of profession strikes it appears until we respect the agenda that these firms are collectively working in direction of, which seems to be one in every of whole human enslavement by technological dictate. One is left questioning if the genie isn’t already too far out of the bottle to be put again in and in that case, simply how far precisely these veritable psychopaths plan to take this.

It appears plain {that a} small group of influential folks have hijacked the controls to many features of our lives and are guiding us in direction of an imminent destruction. These egoistic megalomaniacs show an infinite quantity of chutzpah of their misguided and in the end ill-fated makes an attempt to usurp the divinity of pure creation and situate themselves upon a throne of technological superiority to be worshipped as de facto Gods of this mortal coil. This suffocating grip round our lives should be damaged and a obligatory step in direction of doing so is to take no matter management we will again into our personal fingers. I encourage everybody to disconnect from the hypnotizing technological videodrome, get again to the earth in no matter capability is possible and produce as a lot of your personal meals as you presumably can. It isn’t solely a a lot more healthy possibility however an ideal non secular reconnection with the earth as effectively. When one appreciates that we’re being opposed by a system of loss of life, any type of pure creation turns into a subversive act.


W.M. Peterson

W.M. Peterson is a musician and a full-time researcher into the machinations of the globalist occult cryptocracy. For extra writings go to my weblog ‘A Second Look’ at

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