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It by no means ceases to amaze me, that individuals are lining as much as get the experimental “FDA permitted for emergency use solely” biologic injection. Regardless of months of schooling and empowerment about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin–individuals refuse recognized, secure therapies to be guinea pigs in a vaccine examine. Not one single particular person I’ve requested, has mentioned they’ve learn or been supplied the 30+ web page insert earlier than injecting an unknown experimental biologic into their physique. However each single particular person has assured me (even well-known medical doctors) that “they did their analysis” and made the acutely aware option to get the Pfizer or Moderna injection.

When media censors and vilifies medical doctors and healthcare staff that talk out towards experimental vaccines, and advocate for secure efficient many years outdated Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, however nobody sees them on any media outlet—will they ever actually be capable to do their very own analysis?  One in every of my associates requested me not too long ago, “Have you ever ever considered simply letting the blind stay that manner since they can’t/refuse to see? They’re exhausting.” 

I can’t do this. I want I may. However fact
issues to me. Training and empowerment are my life objective. What good is a
vaccine for those who nonetheless must put on a masks? And I’m a hugger. Maybe individuals keep
silent as a result of they suppose one particular person can’t make a distinction. Rachel Carson,
the creator of the ebook Silent
, proved them incorrect. (1)

This complete worry and propaganda marketing campaign isn’t
new. It has been performed time and again with AIDS, Zika, Ebola, SARS, MERS. I’ve
been within the healthcare occupation by way of all of these. I noticed how Dr. Fauci
pushed an HIV vaccine that was disastrous and finally taken off the market.  Even polio—sure, the gold customary elevated to
nearly miracle status- that everybody defiantly brings up each time the security of
a vaccine is questioned—as a result of individuals “would nonetheless be in iron lung machines.”

Let’s “circle again” to the very starting, to polio,
lets?   Maybe the occasions surrounding the event
of the polio vaccine will remind you of the present state of affairs. Keep in mind,
all the things new is properly forgotten outdated. Please at all times do your personal analysis—whereas
you continue to can.  

First—you will need to perceive some information about
viruses. On any given day, there are an estimated 10 nonillion (10 to the 31st
energy) viruses floating across the planet. 
And even micro organism outnumber our personal human cells 10 to 1 (60 trillion
micro organism/6 trillion human cells). (2)

All of nature has two functions: survive and
reproduce. Viruses, in contrast to micro organism, don’t have any cell wall and no nucleus. They
don’t have any stingers and produce no toxins. 
They’re essentially the most innocuous, minimal types of life—just like a seed or
spore as a result of they solely turn into energetic after they discover the fitting soil or service
to move them to the cells they should survive. Viruses are, nonetheless,
extraordinarily clever and have a extremely refined sense of their surroundings.
They search to seek out the mobile organisms inside which they’ll reproduce.
And not using a mobile host, they continue to be in a state of hibernation—very very similar to
plant seeds. On this state of dormancy, they transfer with air currents, in water,
or just relaxation dormant on the soil till they arrive in touch with a life type
that incorporates the cells they should awaken from their sleep.

In respiratory viruses like influenza and
SARS, the virus enters respiratory droplets and stimulates coughing and
sneezing. These droplets are then breathed in by new hosts. Rabies, on the
different hand, impacts part of the mind that then causes uncontrolled biting. At
the identical time, the virus swarms in billions into the saliva of those contaminated
animals. Each time the animal bites one thing, the virus is transmitted to a
new host. Nonetheless different viruses, unfold by mosquitos, swarm into the bloodstream
and there stimulate the discharge of chemical compounds by way of the host pores and skin surfaces
that decision mosquitos to the contaminated host in order that the virus could be picked up and
unfold to others. The HIV virus enters the physique by way of unprotected intercourse– whereas
these uncomfortable abdomen viruses enter by being eaten from meals surfaces
(enteroviruses). Viruses could also be a minimal type of life, however they’re superb
at attending to the locations they should get the cells they will need to have to outlive.

What causes a virus to awaken from its dormant
state and search the host it must survive and reproduce?

  • Ecosystem
    disturbances–like deforestation, destruction of untamed plant populations,
    waterway disturbances, and reductions in predator populations.
  • Demographic
    adjustments–human inhabitants and refugee improve, worldwide urbanization,
    elevated inhabitants density in confined areas like interior cities, prisons, and
    nursing properties
  • Medical
    care—elevated hospital infections, blood transfusions, organ transplants,
    pharmaceutical contamination, antibiotic resistance
  • Financial
    and business practices—overly in depth use of pesticides with ensuing
    harm of complete ecosystems, business manufacturing facility farmed animals, vegetation, meals.

The disruption of wholesome naturally occurring
habitats and ecosystems by human incursions stimulate viruses to leap species
and one in every of these species is the human one.

Within the mid-Nineteen Forties, the primary artificial
pesticide was launched in america. Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane
aka DDT was initially utilized by the US Military in Naples to cease a typhus epidemic.
It was then found that DDT may kill the mosquitos that unfold malaria.
And thus started the large spraying of people, homes, teams of kids,
the army—it was closely sprayed all around the world in malarial areas. The
eradication program was very profitable.

“It was believed on the time that polio was
unfold by mosquitos that carried the illness, and so the choice was reached
to sort out areas with a excessive fee of polio with pesticide. DDT was maybe the
greatest and best pesticide out there on the time, and so an astonishing
1.34 billion tons of the chemical was sprayed throughout america within the
years between 1946 and 1962.” (3)

(Sadly, for the Zika
a couple of years in the past, the aerial spraying of the
Nineteen Fifties pesticide “Naled” was not met with enthusiasm.)  Idiot me as soon as . . .

DDT was created as a pesticide to kill the mosquitos spreading illness. However what in regards to the individuals being sprayed? Many noticed it as nearly a miracle remedy for typhus, malaria, and polio—thought of one of many deadliest illnesses of the time. And positively, if it meant staying out of an iron lung machine—then it was thought of value it. As a result of that’s what individuals had been instructed by those that had been thought of “specialists” on the time.

However not everybody was satisfied in regards to the security versus the hurt of pesticides. Rachel Carson compiled mounds of analysis even though she was already affected by the most cancers that might finally kill her. Along with her science background, she offered documentation of how the pesticides being sprayed had been destroying the birds within the air and the fish within the streams and different wildlife. She by no means known as for a whole ban on pesticides—simply the DDT as a result of its motion by way of the surroundings couldn’t be contained. DDT residues are fats soluble, which meant they had been saved in animal fats tissues. This additionally meant that the pesticide content material of their fats was recycled and uploaded all through the meals chain. This included breast milk.

For many of the Nineteen Fifties DDT grew to become a spotlight of congressional hearings relating to the security of the meals provide. Pharmacologists expressed considerations relating to the toxicity of the DDT and the truth that individuals weren’t taking warnings to coronary heart. An FDA scientist named Arnold J. Lehman testified that “small quantities of DDT had been being saved in human fats and accumulating over time and that, in contrast to with the older poisons, nobody knew what the results could be.” (4) Rachel Carson wrote: “The truth that the suburbanite isn’t immediately stricken has little which means, for the toxins could sleep lengthy in his physique, to turn into manifest months or years later in an obscure dysfunction nearly inconceivable to hint to its origins.”

Talking of poisons saved in your fats—

“The newly licensed
COVID-19 vaccines comprise myriad an identical RNA strands all coding for a
crucial part of the coronavirus’s spike protein.
This protein is simple for the immune system to assault as a result of it sits on the
virus’s outer floor. The vaccine’s RNA strands are hidden inside nanoscale
fats globules, which retains our immune methods from flipping out and going all
medieval on our tissues.” (4)

As soon as once more, fats is protecting. The human physique, in its innate knowledge, shops toxins distant from the important organs to guard them. So if the vaccine particles are encased in “fats globules”—they could possibly be saved indefinitely and manifest “years later in an obscure dysfunction nearly inconceivable to hint to its origins.” Sadly, some individuals are already experiencing their “immune methods flipping out and going medieval” aka having a extreme autoimmune response to the injection. Sadly solely the individuals on the very prime, these individuals truly creating the vaccine, know what’s in it that would probably trigger the physique to assault itself as soon as injected. It’s simply too new.

In fact, these individuals who solely noticed the
advantage of pesticides had been livid with Rachel Carson. And—similar to right this moment, she
suffered from vicious private assaults on her character that had completely
nothing to do with the science or deserves of pesticides. However even with superior
breast most cancers, she continued to supply useful analysis in regards to the risks of
pesticides to the surroundings and its inhabitants. By the point her ebook was
printed, bugs had been already changing into immune to the pesticides launched
towards them. Her work caught the eye of President John F. Kennedy who established
a Presidential committee to analyze pesticides. Collectively, they labored laborious to
construct up what would finally turn into the EPA.

DDT use continued properly into the Nineteen Fifties, with
little or no impression on the speed of polio. Rachel Carson printed Silent Spring
in 1962 and died in 1964. Even together with her ebook and extra authorities analysis—it
nonetheless took the U.S. authorities till 1972 to ban using DDT.   


  6. Right here Comes the Spray Man (further video)
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