This Founder Actually Turned Down a 6-Figure Investment Offer From Mark Cuban on ‘Shark Tank’

Here’s how Lindsay McCormick founded her company, Bite, in her living room and how she grew the business to what it is today.

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James McKinney’s guest this week is Bite Founder Lindsay McCormick. Bite is an all-natural, zero-waste, tube-free toothpaste tablet that is also 100% vegan and gluten-free. She started the business in her living room because she was tired of using unsustainable packages while traveling for T.V. 

In this interview, McCormick explains the tactics that helped her in the early days of Bite and how she prepared for an appearance on Shark Tank. You’ll also hear about her background in environmentalism and media, the research that led her to start Bite and how she started selling her product on Shopify. 

You can listen to the full podcast here or enjoy a short preview above.

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